Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Smart Is Your Cart?

You walk into the grocery store and pick up what? A paper copy of advertised current store promotions? It's so yesterday! Just don't tell me you also pull up a shopping list scribbled on a piece of used-to-be-a-tree. Its an electronic age so let your cart be your shopping guide. Imagine a cart equipped with a mini electronic terminal that would aide you with several time-consuming and stressful aspects of shopping. First, it would get your shopping list from your smartphone via Bluetooth, inform you of current promotions on things you plan to get and then map out the optimal shopping root saving you from wondering from aisle to aisle looking for that pepperoni that they keep moving every week. How do you make sure you got all you've planned to? You magic cart scans every item you put into it, thus scratching it off your list and giving you the price of the item and your grand total. And you know what? Since your cart already knows how much all the things you've got worth, there is no need to take them off the cart and run through the cashier once you are done shopping. Just come to the terminal pack, pay and go play.
Thinking about impressing you family with a chef-worthy dinner but afraid that your recipe will miss that little something - type in the name of the meal you have in mind and let your cart pick all ingredients and send you the recipe and cooking tips back to your smartphone.
Have food allergies? Type in things you are allergic to and your cart friend will make sure that things you are getting don't contain any of that stuff (and of course it will remember it and share it with all other carts so that you don't have to type it in again every time you come in).
Worried about your waistline? Set a desired limit on trans fat, carbs, sodium (or whatever else you can think of) content and the cart will alarm you every time you put any offender item inside it.
Are you one of us - people who go to the same grocery store all the time and every time get 80% of the same items? Well, visit by visit your cart got to know your shopping habits and now can remind you if you are forgetting one of your must-haves, inform you of new items that might be of interest to you, or even shop for you! Yes, it can send you a shopping reminder and once you confirm your usual list and make couple tweaks to it a picker (you know, that guy who used to be a cashier) get it ready for you and all you have to do is drive by, open your trunk and, oh, well, your wallet.

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